i have been going there weekly since they opened and always loose at least one hundred or more dollars a week, oh boy they gave me 5 dollars in free play i don't mind loosing sometimes but i would like to win something. well i'am done they can kiss my *** i will go to...
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I liked
  • Workers and concessions the buffet
I didn't like
  • Gaming is unfair and does not ever payout
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After calling them and spending 1/2 hour to an hour's worth of minutes on my cell phone. John Bennett the Cage Manager didn't do squat about it. I told him I need the money that they robbed from me to pay my auto insurance so it won't be cancelled. Don't take out...
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4 days later the mistake was corrected. Let me collect interest on your $ for 4 days. Multiplied by probably thousands. Be careful at what establishments you use your deb...

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